When we think about child sexual abuse, we may think that perpetrators of abuse are easily spotted.  In reality, many sexual abusers use grooming tactics that are not always easy to distinguish.  Before sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, or trafficking occurs abusers may employ covert tactics in order to gain the trust of parents and children.


What is Grooming

Sleep is Important to Your Health

Sleep plays a big part in well-being and overall health. Getting enough sleep can help improve and protect a lot of aspects in your life including physical health, mental health, quality of life and safety. In adolescents and kids, sleep helps to support their growth and development.


Issues with sleep can result in short term and/or long term negative consequences. If someone is lacking sleep, known as sleep deprivation, it increases chances of developing chronic health issues as well as affects the way your brain works.



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Our Mission

To provide a comfortable, child-friendly atmosphere where children receive coordinated services during the child abuse investigative process.

our vision

A state of the art center leading the community in addressing child abuse and empowering children to have the courage to heal.