Fur, Four Legs, and Court

So, what is a dog in a courtroom all about? For some of the children who come to Small Talk for a forensic interview, court may become a part of their lives. Most children have never seen the inside of a courtroom, let alone testified in one. Testifying can be a stressful and scary experience, especially for a child. Having a dog, such as Preston, available to go through the court process with a child is an added layer of support.


Cognitive Distortions and The Power of Thought

A thought can be a powerful thing. When an individual is faced with a traumatic event, thoughts can get jumbled and confused. In therapy, we call this a cognitive distortion. We use these distortions as a protective factor. Maybe we do this to confirm our beliefs, good or bad. Maybe it saves us from perceived failure. Going through a traumatic experience can make us more susceptible to these mental traps. Let’s highlight a few of the common distortions and look at ways we can shift our thinking in a more positive direction.


Self Care is Not Selfish

Often parents are told that taking care of themselves is selfish, that when they decided to become parents the option to take care of ourselves was given up. This pressure to do for everyone else without caring for yourself may be increased by the higher needs of the child you are caring for, and especially so after a traumatic event. Parents are sometimes afraid to ask for support as the fear of being asked why they didn’t stop the abuse or not reacting fast enough is too stressful.

How to Survive the Holidays After Your Family Has Survived a Trauma

Holidays are meant to be a time of celebration, connection and joy, and this time of year, it feels like this message is everywhere, from commercials to jingles to holiday cards – a non-stop barrage that everything is jolly, and merry, and bright. For some families, this is absolutely the case; holidays are anticipated and enjoyed with excitement. But often, for families who have survived a loss or a trauma, the holidays are endured instead of celebrated, serving as a spotlight on just how difficult things are right now.

Welcome Preston: Small Talk's Canine Advocate

At Small Talk, one of our primary goals is to provide hope and healing for children who have experienced trauma that often accompanies child sexual and physical abuse. As we have continued to grow, our staff and board began to explore the idea of adding a canine advocate to our team to help us accomplish this goal in a unique and powerful way.



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