Small Talk provides counseling services at no cost to children and their families who go through the forensic interview process. Counselors are trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


When the family arrives for the forensic interview, they will begin with an intake process that includes providing information about available counseling services.  Counselor(s) are trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Click Here for more information).


We have created a safe place for children to feel anyway that they want or need to feel. Every child reacts to trauma in different ways, which is why working collaboratively with families is vital for a child’s ongoing success in and out of counseling sessions. For this reason we attempt to foster positive development of healthy coping skills in addition to a greater understanding of one’s own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Children’s strengths are encouraged and often guide the therapeutic journey. The development of goals is a vital portion of the work we do in counseling and we want parents to be directly involved in their conception and implementation. Our hope is that the skills these children will learn in individualized sessions will help them in their lives outside of counseling.


At this time we offer two therapy groups. A parent/caregiver support group and a group for teen girls. Our parent group was created with the idea that parents often suffer a form of vicarious trauma when their children have been abused. We want parents to feel supported, get feedback from others, have a place to learn about the impact of trauma, and gain some coping skills in a safe setting with other parents/caregivers facing similar obstacles.


We've began a teen girl group because we've seen a high need for this kind of service. So often, teens feel alone in this process and we want to remind them that they aren't the only ones walking this healing journey. The goals of this group are to build self confidence, learn coping skills, and build positive relationships with the use of multimedia, arts and crafts, group activities and outings.


For more information on group or individual therapy here at Small Talk, please contact Alex Brace at [email protected]

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Our Mission

To provide a comfortable, child-friendly atmosphere where children receive coordinated services during the child abuse investigative process.

our vision

A state of the art center leading the community in addressing child abuse and empowering children to have the courage to heal.