Forensic Interviews

The goal of a forensic interview is to obtain a statement from a child, in a developmentally-sensitive, unbiased, and truth-seeking manner that will support accurate and fair decision-making in the criminal justice and child welfare systems.


Members of the team assemble for the interview of the child. The goal is to conduct one interview by a trained professional to avoid re-victimizing a child with repeated, unnecessary interviews.


What should my child know about the interview? Children and teens seem to be put at ease by knowing what to expect. It is helpful to inform your child that someone (law enforcement) wishes to talk with him or her about what was reported. It is important to reassure your child and give him or her permission to talk freely and to tell the truth; however it is equally important not to rehearse with your child or tell your child what to say.

Our Mission

To provide a comfortable, child-friendly atmosphere where children receive coordinated services during the child abuse investigative process.

our vision

A state of the art center leading the community in addressing child abuse and empowering children to have the courage to heal.