Prevention Education for Adults

Small Talk has trained over 400 community members in "Stewards of Children," the child abuse prevention training from Darkness to Light. Start the conversation to find out if this free training is right for your group.

How Can I Prevent Child Abuse?

Parents and caregivers can take precautions to make it far less likely that the children in their lives will be sexually abused. Learn the Five Steps to Preventing Child Abuse with these resources from Darkness to Light.

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Los 5 Pasos para Proteger a los Niños

1. Learn the Facts

If we don’t understand child sexual abuse, we can’t end it. It is highly likely that you know a child who has been or is being abused. Becoming informed on this issue is the first step. Learn more. 

2. Minimize Opportunity

While one-on-one time with trusted adults is valuable for children, over 80% of abuse occurs in a one-one situation. Learn more about setting boundaries with the adults who spend time with your children. 

3. Talk About It

Talking openly breaks down barriers and reduces stigma. By talking openly about our bodies, sex, & boundaries we can encourage children to share. Learn more about how children may try to communicate with you about this issue.

4. Recognize the Signs

Signs of abuse aren’t always obvious, you have to know what you're looking for. Professionals at Children's Advocacy Centers are specialists in child sexual abuse and trauma. Learn more. 

5. React Responsibly

Do you know what you would you do or say if a child disclosed sexual abuse to you? How would you react? Learn how to respond responsibly. It's on us keep children safe.